Steam is a very effective heat transfer medium, due to easy transportability and high heat content,it is used in process industry for direct and indirect heat transfer.

When steam is used for indirect heat transfers in heat exchanger,reactor and other indirect heating equipment it gives off its latent heat(useful heat) to process and converts itself into liquid from known as condensat.This high pressure condensate when released to atmospheric pressure can no longer hold high heat content.The excess heat is released as Flash steam.

High pressure condensate is at almost the same pressure as steam and contains around 15 to 20% heat of fuel.This heat if recovered shall reduce fuel consumption to the extent of 20%.

In addition to the fuel savings, boiler quality water is also recovered, and is used in boiler.This has effect of reduce cost of water and water treatment chemicals.Further good quality boiler feed water reduces the blowdown losses resulting in fuel savings.To summarize,the efficient condensate recovery system will ensure

  • High temperature feed water
  • Good quality boiler feed water
  • lower blowdown losses
  • lower water treatment looses

Our CRS is an integrated system comprising of a Flash Steam Generator, Steam operated Condensate Transfer Pump and Dearetor Unit with immersion tube.

This system recovers efficiently flash steam,hot condensate and feed them to the feed water tank through a well designed Deareator unit with immersiion tube.

Our CRS is a state of the art system using latest engineering practices, designed to give you savings in fuel cost year after year after year.



TACTS is a plug in systemspecifically designed to collect and pump hot condensate, commonly returned for use as boiler feed water.The whole system is capable of handeling capacities up to 5500 kg/hr. Operated by stean or compressed air can be tailored to meet a wide variety of condenste handling applications.Higher flow handelin capacity up to 16000kg/hr available in duplex and triplex pumps.

  • High discharge per stroke of 42 liters per stroke
  • Pump body desingned to ASME Sec.VIII Div.I BPVC Code
  • High Condenstae temperature return-No cavitation problem
  • Unaffected by water hammer-No NPSH problems
  • Minimum moving parts ensuring high up time
  • Adequate receiver capacity-No Overflows
  • Simple solution for condensate pumping
  • Packaged Pump-Easy to install
  • Built in Digital Flow Indicator
  • Componenets desingned for high cycle life
  • Suitable for outdoor installation-Weather Proof design IP 65
  • Microprocessor based control with 16 charecter display for flow
  • Flow indecator and totaliser with non volatile memory




When high pressur condensate is discharged from steam traps to low pressure condensate return lines, excess energy is released in the form of flash steam.This flash steam can be used to heat boiler feed water or for low pressure steam application


  • adequately sized to minimize pressure drop
  • steam trap sized to handle condensate at low pressure differance to be fitted at condensate outlet
  • Designed with optimum seperation velocity to et dry steam




  • Facilitates mixing of condensate, flash steam and cold make- up water
  • Liberates dissolved gases and oxygen
  • SS De-aerator head with SS immersion tube


Atmospheric De-aerator Head is designed to remove dissolved gases and oxygen from the feed water by proper mixing of condensate,flash steam and cold make up.Solubility of oxygen and other dissolved gases decreases with rise in temperature and they are released from solution. These gases are then released through the air vent fitted on the de aerator head.

The mixing action takes place by suitably locating the nozzles and providing spray screens and baffles.A Thermax flash condensing de-aerator head consists of three parts

  • Atmospheric De-aerator head, which is bolted to the top of the tank and is supplied with connection for cold make up, condensate return,flash steam and recirculation.
  • An immersion tube which distributes the mixed fluids into the tank
  • A guide nozzle for mounting the immersion tube.
  • recirculation system(optional)