From Thermax we have a full-fledged utility cost reduction team of experts drawn from diverse disciplines.Equipped with technical and instrumental resources to undertake total plant audits, the team can optimize operational costs through innovative energy efficiency solutions that offer quick paybacks. We have the expertise to implement energy conservation solution on a turnkey basis. we also undertake system and process study to improve productivity and bring down product costs.



 Around the world, energy cost forms a significant part of operational costs, as high as 30% in process industries.

Technological changes have also forced organizations to re-look at energy management.Today with increased overheads and shrinking profit margines,there is an urgency to optimise energy cost and utilisation.

Thermax offers Energy Audits Services in Following Areas:

  • Steam and Condensate
  • Thermic Fluid
  • Electricity
  • Compressed Air
  • Refrigeration
  • Cooling Tower


Energy  saving in action

On the basis of preliminary data collected from the client through standard questionnaire, an expert/ team of experts will be deputed for field studies.They will study the plant and conduct detail studies on utilities.The data collected during the audit will be analyzed to identify the energy conservation measures. Finally a detailed audit report will be submitted covering following aspects

  • Energy conservation recommendation with short term, Long term proposals.
  • Prioritizing the project base on payback.
  • Basic engineering and product specifications.

This phase is followed by implementation and performance monitoring of energyconservation proposals and supported by expert services from Thermax for training of the plant operators.