• Suitable for all kinds of steam boilers ranging from 50 kg/h to 16 TPH,
  • Thermic fluid heaters ranging from 50000kCal/h o 25 lac kCal/h & hot water generators ranging from 50000kCal/h to 25 lac kCal/h



  • Pressure jet technology 10 kW to 22500 kW
  • Rotary cup burners 1.12 MW to 47.44 MW     



  • Modulation type:On/Off ; 2stage; (Hi-low); 3 satge; Modulating
  • Fuels: HSD/LDO/F.O/NG/LPG/Other gas based on composition
  • Simultaneous firing of liquid fuel & bio gas is possible
  • Heat recovery possible with preheated combustion air of 250 deg cel max can be used in dual bloc burners
  • High/low pressure gas train modules
  • Ring Main system for heavy oil available on request



  • Long lifetime and easy service, designed from operator’s point of view
  • High quality components and manufacturing
  • Experience of special fuels
  • Tailor-made planning and flexibility
  • State of the art technology in combustion
  • Strong technical support from OILON
  • Advanced digital technology
  • Constant research and development activities based on customer needs
  • Environmental resposibility
  • Wide product range
  • Efficient maintenance and training services
  • Comprehensive command on the combustion process