The Hot Oil Heaters can generate and supply high temperatures of upto 330 Deg. C at lower pressures of only 5kg/cm2. Being a closed loop system, the total system efficiency is very high.




Oil / Gas Fired 0.1 to 3.5 M Kcal / hr

This is a high efficiency Thermal oil heater that can use a variety of fuels. The standard models are for 300 Deg. C. temperature range. A little customized variant can generate temperature up to 350 Deg. C. It comes with both mono-block as well as dual block burners, in the later having an in built air pre-heater.

Solid Fuel Fired 0.4 to 15 M Kcal / hr


This Heaters are optimized to deliver the highest efficiency with solid fuels and all agro wastes. The units are specifically  for adequate safeties and controls to deliver exact temperature for process. The major advantage is these deliver the high temperatures at very low pressures.The combustion system for solid fuels consists of fuel handling and stoking   equipment, refractory lined chamber, air and flue gas handling system (induced draught, forced draught or balanced draught) with blowers and pollution control equipment.