Thermax chemical is backed by decadesdecades of Thermax expertise in water treatment and combustion engineering.This enebles accurate analysis of plant problems, precise solutions and tailor-made products for each application. With state -of -the-art R & D,Thermax Chemicals stands at the forefront of new technologies.

Among its many achivements are the production of  India’s first fireside chemicals; a range of fuel additives, all organic single product boiler water chemicals, a pour point depressant for the oil industry, modification of its ion exchange resins for use in nuclear and other industries like pharmaceuticals and custom formulated chemicals for specific applications and new Reverse Osmosis Chemical range.




Even under the best operating conditions, user can face several problems with fuel right from storage to combution.Problems such as dust nuisance, carbon rejection in ash and fly ash, fouling and slagging of furnace and formation of clinker (Pre combution to post combution).

THERMOMIX/ ECONOMIX range of fire side treatment products from Thermax Chemicals contain dust suppressants, combution catalysts, slag modifiers and corrosion inhibitors that help improve overall combution and system performance.This range of chemicals helps to increase the ash fusion temperature of deposites & improves heat transfer.


 Thermax chemicals offers a range of fuel treatment chemicals.The Thermosol range of products is desingned to condition fuel for better performance and operation of the system.


 Maxtreat rang of boiler water treatment chemicals is a combination of polymers and organo-inorganic chemical treatment programmes. The range of Maxtreat Boiler Water Chemicals includes oxygen scavengers, scale , deposit and corrosion inhibitors,sluge conditioner, anti- foaming agents, alkalinity controllers and also an all organic single product boiler water treatment chemical & condensate corrosion control tratment.