Smallatic  100 Kg/ hr. (Diesel/Gas only)

This is a Highly efficient mini boiler for steam requirements up to 100 Kg/hr. Ideal for garments, laundry and hotel applications. It is a space saving and compact boiler with  efficiency of 90%.


Instasteam 200 to 850 Kg/ hr.

This Oil / gas fired compact, instant steam generator is designed for safe and reliable operation.

Salient Features :

–  Reverse Flame firing Technology
–  Membrane design coil
–  Built in heat recovery device


OIL-EX / GAS – EX  1 to 25 tons/hr

This boiler is designed for a guaranteed overall efficiency of 88%. With an optional heat recovery unit
the efficiency can be increased to 92%. This unit has a high steam disengaging surface area which ensures high purity steam of 98% dryness fraction.This is a 3 pass smoke tube, wet back boiler.