NIIFT’s mission and operating model are based on one promise: provide superior, independent consulting services that decrease energy and utility expenses. This includes ongoing client education and advice that make clients aware of opportunities in the dynamic energy and utility markets. NIIFT’s dedicated staff of experienced professionals works exclusively for consumers of energy and utility services. 

Our major expertise lies in Industrial Utility generation and distribution. It ranges from Steam and condensate, compressed air, Chilled water to Cooling water and various types of fuels. This includes the primary equipments for generating utilities ( Boilers and Heaters, Chillers, Compressors), the equipments for delivering utilities ( piping, pumps, fans and blowers) and the auxiliary equipments ( de-aerators, condensers, cooling towers, special piping fittings like traps, valves, etc and various metering equipments.)
Apart from this, we provide access to a wide range of economic solutions, technical expertise and services through a single platform.

What we do….

  • We perform diagnostic analysis for Industrial Burners, Boilers and Heaters. Recommend changes to operation and control design.
  • Provide services for Failure investigation, troubleshooting and annual maintenance for Boilers and Heaters.
  • Provide consultation on Chillers and Cooling water plants.
  • Expertise in all types of fuels such as Gaseous ( LPG, NG) , Liquid  ( Heavy Oil, Light Oil), Solid Fuel ( Coal, Lignite) and Bio Mass ( Husk, PKS, Baggasse,etc)
  • Renovation, up-gradation, modernization, efficiency enhancement of utility systems for better performance.
  • Corrosion investigation, water system audits, treatments specifications preparation and recommendations.
  •  Energy Audit.
  • Customized training and technical assistance